Volunteer Information

Volunteer Information

We believe that to be a leader tomorrow, it is necessary to open your eyes today.
It is our mission to bring developed solutions to the developing world. Do you want to help the community integrate sustainable solutions into their own daily lives?

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We are tired of seeing aid, resources, and efforts being wasted through poorly managed programming; we design programs for maximum efficacy.

We would like to offer the rare opportunity to employ your own skill set in our village. Our Volunteer Program is unique in that it is our mission to create sustainable solutions based on our volunteers’ own skills and interests and the greatest needs of the community. UTBT focuses on three major components: Health, Education, and Financial Empowerment. Through educational programming and enhanced culturally integrative curriculums, innovative health technology, and micro-finance projects that work to empower women and those who suffer from HIV/AIDS stigmatization within the Namaso Bay village, we would like to offer you the chance to make a difference.

We operate on a small-scale “one village at a time” mantra in order to maintain cultural integrity and allow our volunteers to truly submerse themselves into the culture and its people. Please join us in our mission to help the people of Namaso Bay help themselves. It is our goal to give them the resources that they deserve to prosper and grow.

Our application process is selective. We offer a limited number of slots. Applicants are chosen based on project design and current initiatives.

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We support intellectual curiosity and believe some of the best and most innovative solutions happen through research and academic exploration. If you have a project idea, please contact us. We would love to help you help us make a lasting impact in the developing world. Many academic institutions offer grant support for projects and internships. Please explore these opportunities with your school. Contact Valerie Taormina at valerie@utbt.org or Meg Fitzgerald at meg@utbt.org for consultation.

Learn About Sustainable Techniques (LAST) Program:
Are you are interested in a unique opportunity to work with a team of leaders in sustainable agriculture and architecture to develop a culturally specific site plan, learn cutting edge green design techniques, and employ them at our school?

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