Learning about sustainable techniques

Learning about sustainable techniques


We believe that the best work comes from the integration of many opinions and areas of expertise. For this reason, your volunteer team will be led by an expert in eco-design and advised by a group of individuals with specialized knowledge. Additionally, your Project Manager will train two Malawian staff during this program to promote sustainability. This is an exciting opportunity to not only learn about eco-design, but also carry out a project to fruition and be part of a dynamic team with proven commitment towards serving the developing world.

The program will be structured with hands on manual labor of all volunteers. Our main concern is functionality and efficacy given local tradition and available resources. This project must be something which has the ability to be sustained after all volunteer support has gone. This is the perfect program for an applicant who wishes to diversify his or her resume, gain experience in learning about the field of “green” eco-design in a hands-on manner, or to simply make a tangible contribution to a community in need.

Proposed Projects/Topics:
  1. Mapping an area for maximum results
  2. Working with the community to learn about resources available and local customs
  3. Creating a “green” plan
  4. Installing solar panels
  5. Installing water catchment/drip systems
  6. Installing Compost toilets/Community Compost
  7. Biogas
  8. Using waste to beautify
  9. Building interactive bio-intensive garden
  10. Building chicken coops
  11. Keeping it sustainable through community involvement and education
  12. Incorporating these techniques within village life-spreading the “eco-message”
Program Fee:
We recommend volunteers participate in the entire 3-month duration of the program. However, we may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

3 month LAST Program Fee: $6000
Weekly Rate for Individual Requests: $700 per week

Program Fees include instruction from specialist in topic areas. Transportation to and from Lilongwe or Blantyre International Airport, 24-hour secure and comfortable accommodation including mosquito nets, bed/bath facilities, three square meals per day, Chichewa instruction (native tribal dialect of Namaso Bay), safe drinking water, cultural excursions, and assistance in safe local tourism planning.

*Please note that your program fee directly funds the green transformation of our school.

Program Start Dates:
June 28, 2009-September 28, 2009
June 26, 2010-September 26, 2010

What’s Not Included?
Round trip flight to Lilongwe or Blantyre International Airport in Malawi. Get your flight now! We suggest exploring www.kayak.com for the best travel deals.

Immunizations and Malaria pills. Please visit http://wwwn.cdc.gov/travel/destinationMalawi.aspx for further details.

Medical Evacuation Insurance
Cell phone and internet available, but not included in program fee

Local transportation outside of programming

What Is Required Before You Come?
Program Fee due one month prior to start date.

Flight should be purchased as soon as you are admitted into program and have secured your start date.

Passport valid for at least six months beyond date of intended departure and at least two full blank pages available if flying through South Africa.

Immunizations and Malaria Prophylaxes.

Paperwork including Medical Release Form and Waiver of Liability *(These forms will be administered upon acceptance into program after application has been processed). Click here to fill out an application now.

*300 USD Deposit required upon application submission. Deposit fee will be returned if not accepted into program. Deposit fee is non-refundable fee after acceptance and will be applied toward overall Program Fee.