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Ambassador/Board of Advisors

For those who would like to get involved, create your own fundraiser, deliver goods and stay at the house on Lake Malawi we are offering Ambassador Programs.  These positions are very limited and will be given a seat on the Board of Advisors if you meet the required criteria. Please email us for further details at

Catherine Dennis

Catherine Dennis brings her experiences as a classroom teacher as well as being a Director of Education.  Managing and teaching abroad has given her the understanding on how to work with children and families from diverse cultural backgrounds.  Her expertise in writing grants has brought technological advancements to the fingertips of students in her classroom.  She has also presented her students' service learning projects before the Council of Exceptional Children.  Catherine received her B.S. in Special Education from North Georgia College & State University.  She attended Piedmont College's Early Childhood Education program to further her study of teaching methods.  Catherine continuously researches and educates other teachers on assisted learning devices, teaching methods, and the implementation of new technology in the classroom.